Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Third Thursday is 2 Days Away!!!!!

Third Thursday is only 2 days away, and its allways an exciting evening!! I work over at The Gallery at Avalon Island on Third Thursday, so usually I go to the different venues earlier to see what gems of art may be seen! On Monday me and Jeff hung a great showing at Avalon of Chad Polpeter, Holly Earheart, and Marcos Cruz in the Cafe! You know I own a piece that Chad made and I love it! So you all may see the piece I own...Ta Da!

Anyway I am a Fan of Chad Polpeter artwork, so I am a bit biased! But what is better than owning an artwork that speaks to you??? Anyway back to the subject, Out of the pieces of Chad's work in this current showing, I think I like the Ram piece best! We hung it on the back right wall, so don't miss this piece, it's great! Out of Holly's work I loved the two nudes piece, I'm afraid I don't have the title but this piece tells lots of stories, it's very deep, look closely and you will understand. In the Cafe Marcos Cruz's sculpture is there! Frankly I love it all! But the stand out piece is a freestanding sculpture with some color right in front of the window!

Also on Third Thursday we have Charles Marklin over at Mother Falcon Clothing! This guy has some quality work, and you can take home a T-shirt with his work!! here is the details;

*Event opens 5.21.09 on 3rd Thursday from 6-9pm (refreshments served).
*Music provided by DJ Queso.
*Tent to protect you from the rain will be in full effect

Mother Falcon Clothing will be participating in May 2009's 3rd Thursday Gallery Hop (in association with the Downtown Arts District) and will be premiering the extremely talented artist Charles Marklin.

Mother Falcon takes an unusual twist with its 3rd Thursday Gallery Hop participation where you can not only view Marklin's work, but you can also take home an Art T-shirt with Charles Marklin's original artwork on the shirt!

Here is an example of Charles's work;

I know Mother Falcon is a bit farther on the Art Walk, but this one is worth it! and besides who cant afford a t-shirt? This way you CAN own original art, and not break the bank! I intend to buy one myself!

Also I am sure FOI has a great showing! They allways do, I'm just not sure who it is this time! Also don't miss The City Arts Factory or the AKA Lounge, allways great showings!

Also be sure to drop by into The Pound and congratulate Consuelo on a great opening at Senso Supperclub last week, and say hello!

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