Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gibson Guitar Town at The Downtown Farmers Market

On the 25th I went to the downtown farmers market, as I usually do on Sundays to get some goodies and see a few artist friends, well this time the Gibson Guitar artists were out in force, meeting and greeting, and the big and small guitars were all out there. It was packed, and I had a blast, I saw many artists that I am very fond of and some other art promoters as well. I finally got to see the Guitar that Chuck Dinkins painted, He is a very talented guy, and very modest. I also got a chance to Chat with Monte Olinger and thank him for the artwork he gave me! I adore the piece! I also got an opportunity to talk with Monte's wife Meredith, and for a second there, both of our Texas accents came out, it was pretty nice. I also saw Donna Dowless,{she is a sweet woman} Mark Hadley, Nyazhul {whom I adore}, and Juan Sepulveda and many more! This was a great day!

Jane Seymour's Art Opening at the Wentworth Art Gallery

On the 24th I attended Jane Seymour's art show opening at the Wentworth Art Gallery, with my companion Janene Rick, I had been invited by Sarah Adina via Facebook, I didn't exactly know what to expect, I had never visited this gallery before. Frankly It was a very nice opening, when Miss Seymour arrived, I found her to be warm and approachable, as to the artwork, much of it was giclees, but some original as well, I found myself imagining I was in a English Garden on an English estate. Janene bought a small artwork of a sunflower, and was very happy, Overall I was very pleased I attended!