Saturday, May 23, 2009

Drawn to the Figuire at La Vida

On Friday evening I went to "Drawn to the Figuire" at La Vida HealthCare {La Vida Gallery} to see the work of Keith Theriot with my companion Janene. Now many of us have seen Keith's paintings, but how many have seen so much of his drawings in one place?

Just so you know I am a fan of Keith's work! This guy has quite an interesting history, I was mesmerized by this work! Just so you know {artists will allready know this} If you can draw can pretty much do any painting you desire.

I saw Tommy Cannalonga, Josh Garrick, Dilcia Sabio and many other friends at this showing. it was a light turnout, but quality people and sometimes that is better than a big crowd. Keith sold 3 pieces this night! And I would have to say it was a succesfull opening! here is a picture of Keith and I next to a great piece!

Also here is the piece without me and Keith getting in the way pretty nice huh?

I enjoyed myself this evening!