Friday, May 15, 2009

Consuelo Bellini's Stained Spaces

Last Night I went to Consuelo Bellini's Stained Spaces over at Senso SupperClub {it used to be Zinc Bar} This was GREAT!!! This woman has introduced a different art presentation than any I have seen in Orlando! Basically she has taken mesh grating{ I'm not sure how to explain so bear with me} and introduced a type of paint and through labor intensive work has created pieces of beauty! I was taken by the colors of a Peacock piece{wish I had a picture to show you} The Peacock was just oozed abject beauty! I also loved the Coy Fish piece, all those dramatic colors WOW! I do have this picture to show you of her work

She is produceing an art form that to my knowledge doesnt exist in Orlando, frankly I am suprised that no art galleries havent picked her up! all the pieces were hanging from the ceiling with good tracklighting, I have to say this really worked! Considering what Consuelo is produceing the prices are reasonable, I hope she can make some sales of this artwork!
also for that evening I met Ward Cotrell again. I had met him once before, but I'm fuzzy on where. Also I finally met Sonja Haltiwanger in person, as well as Charles Marklin{going to try to go see his opening in the Peacock Room next week}
Also it must be mentioned that Consuelo had the assistance of Ashley Hoven to get everything organized,{artists need people with these skills} Overall this was a GREAT OPENING!

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