Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tampering with Reality at Gallery 17.92

On Friday I went to Monte Olingers' showing of "Tampering With Reality", This really was some expressive great work! The overall attendance was Excellent! Just about anyone who was anyone in the Visual Arts here in Orlando that I know or know of was in attendance! Gallery 17.92 doesn't have openings often, but when they do, they don't skimp on anything! Monte was working the crowd and having a ball by the look of it! My Business partner Jason Lee was able to make it out and I think he ran into am old friend he hadn't seen in a while, I saw Jeff Shonkwiler {} out there with Joulia Vitaliy obviously having a good time, Shannon Larimar {Head Guy with the Downtown Arts District} This guy I think is going to really change the downtown arts district in great way. Karen Carasik {COMMA art Gallery} was there and seemed to be enjoying herself, Of Course Donna Dowless was there. I was concerned about her, because it was VERY hot in the gallery, with that many people cool air doesn't circulate well. I absolutely loved this opening! This was a great night!


  1. I was there before the wine was even opened so I missed the fun crowd but who could miss seeing that art. I luv MOL's work!!

  2. What a terrific opening; both Olingers are great artists....... I went back to see the paintings since there is a remarkable variety of content and color; worth paying closer attention to are the beautiful Linocuts !