Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nuebarth & Gillenwater P.A. Opening!

On Saturday Night I went to Nuebarth & Gillenwater P.A. a the Center over on North Mills, For those of you that arent familiar with the place, this is also Gallery Q at the Center, basically its a Gay, Lesbian, and Transgendered Community Center, but it also is the Gallery Space for Quack {Queer Arts Collective} The current President is M.Scott Morgan is you have any interest in joining the Organization, Heterosexual members do exist in this organization.

Anyway... This showing consisted of Artwork by Sandy Nuebarth and Bonnie Gillenwater, The artwork was a mix of figurative and abstract figurative work, some nudes and some abject beauty pieces, I was struck by one of Sandy's Pieces I cant recall the title. but it was a male chest figure with a point of negative space to the left, and somehow that piece sticks out in my mind, I'm surprised it isn't sold yet.

Bonnie had many nice pieces, but the one that really stands out to me was a piece with a side view of a woman almost a elegance piece, the woman is in a nice dress sitting, looking like she is waiting for a waiter to bring her some champagne. Its a soft piece and only $200! If I had the funds I would have bought it right there!

The crowd was medium, some teachers from the Maitland Art Center were in attendance, as were members of Quack and fans of Gallery Q. If you haven't been here before, I suggest you go see this showing! It will be up for a month!


  1. Brad, Thanks for the help setting up the show. I'll be updating my blog today. Let me know which picture you liked.

  2. Brad, thanks for the kind words in review. I was happy to see you at the show and thank you for advice and support! Sandy is a gracious "painting partner"!